2025 Qualifying Round 1

Amsterdam, May 31 2024


2025 Qualifying Round 1

Come witness the ultimate presentation competition, where seven seasoned presenters and one audience wildcard will attempt to persuasively present a PowerPoint deck, sight unseen, centered on a topic selected by the audience.
Will there be moments of struggle? Inevitably.
Will there be laughter? Absolutely.

> One topic <
> Ten slides <
> 7 minutes <

Totally improvised

Slide Slam: The World Championship of PowerPoint Karaoke, Amsterdam, 31st of May 2024

Contestants compete to qualify for the 2025 Slide Slam: World Championship of PowerPoint Karaoke.


Minna Taylor

Founder of Energize Your Voice and the author of The Confident Body.

Nathan de Groot

Meeting moderator, trainer, and PowerPoint Karaoke evangelist.


Maja Jacobs

Public Speaking and Storytelling expert, former Slide Slam qualifying contestant

Eric van der Kooij

Urbanist, concept developer, lover of cities, comics and calvin-ball

André Besseling

Seasoned improv teacher and performer who loves surprises and never used a PowerPoint before

Pieter van Dijk

Creative weirdo, sustainability consultant and deadline junky

Mystery Contestant!!

Come find out:)

Audience Wildcard

YOU could become the next world champion.


Izzy Sayers

Event host and facilitator, former Slide Slam contestant

Adis Sophie Frémont

Podcast host and marketing expert, former Slide Slam contestant

Stacey smith

Improv expert, Boom Chicago resident performer, OG Slide Slam Jury member 

Quick details and FAQ

Location: Amsterdam
Date: May 31st, 2024
Language: English

Does karaoke mean singing is involved?

No, not necessarily. Contestants will give improvised presentations instead.

Can I still join?

Yes, as long as there are tickets, please join us. If you like to be a contestant, it is good to know we offer a wild card for someone in the audience to join as a contestant.

Are you still open to sponsors?

We are open to cooperation of any kind.

How can I contact you?

Please use the form below to share your ideas or ask your question. Minna and Nathan are happy to answer you.

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